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Dietary services

Initial Consultation

  • Online OR in-person consultations


  • A thorough holistic health assessment that looks into past and present health issues


  • A personalised treatment plan that addresses lifestyle, nutrition, and the prescription of nutritional supplements as needed is created with attainable and practical goals in mind.


  • Patient instruction, resources, and abilities


  • Motivation and Empowerment

$120 | 60 min


Follow Up Consultation

  • Online OR in-person consultations


  • Examining your progress—challenges, achievements, preferences—and actively modifying the treatment plan to meet your objectives and set new ones


  • ongoing instruction, direction, and inspiration


  • ongoing assistance and responsibility

$73 | 30 min



  • Packages with meal plans and coaching call


  • tailored to your tastes and needs


  • 3 sessions 


  • Free meal plan and coaching call/video/email touch points

$270 | 3 sessions

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